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mail settings

What is CC in Mail

Carbon Copy in an email is sent to an addressee who is not the primary recipient. The addressee who receives a CC is the secondary recipient. If multiple addressees receive a CC, they will be able to see all the addressees in the CC list. For the sake of keeping any addressee from seeing the rest of the addressees, a BCC is used. For more mail settings solutions scroll down.

BCC in Email

What is BCC in Email

A Blind Carbon Copy in an email has the same purpose and advantage that its physical counterpart has. What it means in an email is, when an email is sent to a list of tertiary addressees via BCC, each addressee does not know who the other addressees are.

SSL in Mail

What is SSL in Mail

SSL in email stands for Secure Socket Layer of mail settings. It is an encryption protocol that is set between the email server and the client(you). What it does is, prevents the data that you send and receive through emails from being intercepted by hackers.

Create HTML Email
How to Create HTML Email

Write the HTML email and make sure to keep it simple if you plan on sending it via Gmail. Each email service has a different set of rules when it comes to allowing what type of HTML emails can be sent through them, read and proceed with configure mail instructions to send HTML email.

stop Email Spoofing
How To Stop Email Spoofing in Gmail

Make sure to safeguard your data by setting an alert message to stop Email spoofing. Try to identify the spoofed message by looking at the FROM address or by opening the email that contains the URL address to stop email spoofing.

Change default Email on Gmail
How to Change Default Email on Gmail

Sign in to the Google account, Select the Settings Icon. On Accounts and Imports Tab, click Send mail as field and make default link using the desired email address, read and proceed with the mail settings instructions given below.

Embed a Gif into an Email
How to Embed a GIF Into an Email

Sign into the primary email account using a valid email address and password.Select Compose Email and then attach the GIF that you need to send to the secondary email address.

save Email as pdf
How to Save Email as Pdf

On your computer, to save Email as PDF, open a new browser tab and visit the Gmail web page. Log into your Gmail account using relevant email address and password.

schedule Email in Gmail
Mail Settings to Schedule Email in Gmail

Log in into your Gmail account on the computer to configure mail schedule. Select Compose Email to write a new email. Select the down arrow key next to the Send button.

send an anonymous Email
How to Send an Anonymous Email

Make use of a Burner email account and a VPN. First, sign up for a Gmail account without giving any recognizable details. Now, you can use the Email address as a burner account.

change your Email name
How to Change Your Email Name

To know how to change your email name in Gmail, proceed with the steps below

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