If your AOL email not working, proceed with the steps given below to fix the issue.

Step 1: Settings to change in the browser:

  • Step 1:If you have opened your AOL email account from the Internet Explorer browser, click the Sign Out link below your name to solve AOL mail not working.
  • Step 2:A javascript disabled page will appear if your AOL email is not working.
  • Step 3:Click the Tools menu on the top-right corner of the screen and select Internet Options to solve AOL email not working.
  • Step 4:Navigate to the Security section and click on the Internet icon.
  • Step 5:Go to the Custom level tab and locate the Scripting section.
  • Step 6:Select the Enable option by clicking the Radio button under the Active scripting section.
  • Step 7:Scroll down to the Scripting of Java applets section and Enable it. Then, click on the OK button followed by Yes to save the settings.

Step 2: Deleting Browser history

  • Step 1:Go to the General tab in the Internet Options window. Then, click on the Delete button in the Browsing history section.
  • Step 2:Checkmark all the options in the Delete Browsing History window, and click Delete.
  • Step 3:This will delete all the caches and cookies from your browser to solve AOL email not working.
  • Step 4:Go to the Privacy tab in the Internet Options window and uncheck the Turn on Pop-up Blocker under the Pop-up Blocker section. Then, click OK to solve AOL mail not working.
  • Step 5:Now, exit your browser and open it again. Then, enter the official website of AOL mail.
  • Step 6:Log in to your AOL account using the username and password.
  • Step 7:You can now use your AOL email account as usual.

Step 3: Resetting browser:

  • Step 1:If you are facing issues while sending or receiving email messages, reset your web browser.
  • Step 2:Click Internet Options from the Tools menu.
  • Step 3:Click on the Reset button under the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” tab in the Advanced section.
  • Step 4:Select Reset again and restart your browser to avoid AOL email not working problem before opening the email account.
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