AOL Mail is one of the free web-based email services that allows you to access your email account from various platforms such as mobile phones, desktop email clients, and web browsers. On iOS devices, you can use the AOL Mail app. If there is a problem with the email account due to misconfigured settings, your AOL email will not open iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, you cannot access your AOL email if there is a problem with your iPhone/iPad settings. To get rid of these issues, carry out these troubleshooting steps.

Solution 1: Disable and Re-enable Airplane Mode

  • Step 1:On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings by touching the Settings icon on the home screen.
  • Step 2:Scroll down the Settings page and tap the Airplane button.
  • Step 3:Toggle on the Airplane Mode button.
  • Step 4:Next, turn off Airplane Mode by turning the slider off.
  • Step 5:This will fix the Internet connection issues and allow you to send or receive emails using your AOL email account.
  • Step 6:If this doesn’t work, reset your network settings.

Solution 2: Update iOS

If you have update issues on your device, your AOL email will not open iPhone or iPad. Before starting, make sure the Internet connection is stable on your device. If necessary, back up your data.

  • Step 1:To begin with, open Settings and tap the General button.
  • Step 2:Select the Software Update option and tap Download if any updates are available.
  • Step 3:Install the updates and restart your device.
  • Step 4:If prompted, enter your passcode during the installation.
  • Step 5:You can also update the iOS of your iPhone/iPad using your Mac.

Solution 3: Remove and Re-add AOL email

This solution is for the users who have configured their AOL email in the built-in Mail app.

  • Step 1:Open Settings and tap the Mail button.
  • Step 2:Select Accounts and choose your AOL email account.
  • Step 3:Tap the Delete Account button and confirm your action.
  • Step 4:Return to the Settings screen and tap the Mail button.
  • Step 5:Tap the Add account button and choose AOL as your email service provider.
  • Step 6:Follow the on-screen prompts and complete adding your email account to the Mail app.

If you are using the AOL Mail app instead of the Mail app, check if you are using an outdated version. If yes, update your AOL Mail app. If necessary, remove and reinstall the app to fix the AOL email will not open iPhone or iPad issues.

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