Aol Mail Not Opening Attachments

AOL is a free web-based email service provider that enables you to access your emails from your computer and smartphone. It also allows you to import your contacts and old emails from other Email applications. Sometimes, you cannot open the attachments you have received in your AOL mail. If you face any difficulty in opening attachments in AOL mail, follow the instructions to resolve this issue.


  • Step 1:Open the AOL mail application and log out from your AOL account.
  • Step 2:Now, close the application and restart the computer.
  • Step 3:After the computer turns on, connect it to a stable network.
  • Step 4:Now, log in to your AOL mail account and try to open the attachments.
  • Step 5:If it does not work, then proceed with the next solution.


  • Step 1:If you have received an image attachment on your AOL mail, preview the image before downloading it.
  • Step 2:Now, select the download arrow that is placed on the image.
  • Step 3:Make sure to download the image completely on your computer.
  • Step 4:The Download Completed pop message appears on the screen.
  • Step 5:Now, you can open the attachment from the document folder on your computer.
  • Step 6:If you have received a PDF file attachment on your AOL mail, you need viewer software that supports PDF files.
  • Step 7:Make sure to download and install the compatible software to view the attached files you received on your AOL mail.
  • Step 8:Now, you can download and open the attachments on your AOL mail.
  • Step 9:Still, if the issue continues, then follow the below instructions.


  • Step 1:On your computer, select the Start menu.
  • Step 2:Now, type System in the search bar and press the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • Step 3:Select AOL system information from the search results.
  • Step 4:In the next window, select the AOL Software tab from the left side of the window.
  • Step 5:Now, choose the Quick Restore option and click on the OK button.
  • Step 6:After completing the restore process, close the window and restart your computer.
  • Step 7:Now, try to open and view the attachment file on your AOL mail.

If you still cannot open attachments on your AOL mail, get back to us for remote assistance.

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