Many users face issues while accessing AOL Mail through Outlook or similar third-party applications. There might be several reasons for the occurrence of these problems. Whatever the reason is, you will have to find it out and fix it. Only then can you access AOL Mail via Outlook. Let us now look into some troubleshooting methods to resolve the AOL mail outlook problem.

Method 1-Updating The Password:

In case you have recently changed your AOL Mail password, you have to update it in Outlook as well. To do the same, follow these general steps:

  • Step 1 : In Outlook, locate the Account Settings
  • Step 2 : In this section, choose your AOL Mail
  • Step 3 : Now, follow the steps to update to your new password.
  • Step 4 : NOTE: In case you have activated two-step verification for your AOL Mail account, you need to generate an app password. Then, you can use this app password to access AOL Mail from Outlook.

If the issue persists even after updating your password, move on to the next method. In this method, you will find more steps to fix the AOL mail outlook problem.

Method 2-Verifying The IMAP Settings:

If you cannot send or receive emails properly on your AOL Mail account, first confirm that your incoming server (IMAP or POP) settings are correct. You might be prompted to choose between POP and IMAP. However, users recommend using IMAP because that works best with AOL Mail.

If you find that your IMAP settings are correct but the problem persists, move on to the next method.

Method 3-Updating Outlook:

If you are making use of an outdated version of Outlook, it might not be compatible with the latest security settings. To fix this problem, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1 : First, update Outlook to the most recent version.
  • Step 2 : Remove your AOL Mail account.
  • Step 3 : Finally, re-add it.
  • Step 4 : From now, you will be able to access AOL Mail through Outlook without further issues.
  • Step 5 : You have now resolved the AOL mail outlook problem.
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