AOL Mail SMTP Server Settings - Quick Steps

AOL Mail is a service that offers users a personalized mail experience. In other words, a user can customize AOL Mail settings according to his/her requirements. Manual setting up of AOL Mail is necessary for sending and receiving mails through any third-party email client. For this to happen, the correct settings and port numbers are required. The AOL Mail SMTP server settings can be used only for sending your mails (SMTP server settings are always used for outgoing mails only). And the POP or IMAP settings are for all your incoming mails.

Since we are going to discuss only AOL SMTP server settings, let us look into the same in detail:

The AOL Mail SMTP server settings will always be the same, irrespective of the program or device that you are using.

Now, please make use of the following SMTP server settings information to send mails from your AOL Mail account:

  • Step 1: The SMTP Server Address will be
  • Step 2: The Username should be your AOL Mail screen name. You have to use the words that come before For instance, if the email address is, the Username will be abz.
  • Step 3: The Password will be your AOL Mail password.
  • Step 4: The Security type can be TLS or SSL.
  • Step 5: The Port number will be 587 (for TLS) and 465 (for SSL).
  • Step 6: The Sending Limit has to be 500 emails or 100 connections per day.

Important Note: You have to remember that the free SMTP servers like that of AOL’s will not guarantee a high delivery rate when you are sending a large number of emails at the same time. That is, it is not advisable to use free SMTP servers for mass mail sending.

We have now discussed the AOL mail SMTP server settings for AOL mail.

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