Apple Mail Not Receiving Email - [FIXED]

Apple Mail or Mail is the email client that functions only in the Apple platforms such as macOS, iOS, and watchOS. You can configure any email account in the Mail app. Sending and receiving email messages in Mail is simple and at the same time, there are also chances for errors to occur. One of the common issues encountered by most of the Apple users is Apple Mail not receiving email messages. There are many causes for this issue to occur. To fix this issue, carry out the following instructions.

  • Step 1:As soon as you encounter this issue, click the Get Mail button two or three times continuously. 
  • Step 2:If you still do not receive any new emails, then check if your device is connected to the Internet. If not, connect it to the Internet and then click the Get Mail button again. 
  • Step 3:If the Apple Mail not receiving issue persists, then go to the Mail activity section and check if Mail is retrieving any large message/attachment.
    • a. Open the Mail app.
    • b. Click the Window tab followed by Activity. In the Activity window, you can view the progress of your Mail application.
  • Step 4:Turn on and off the filters because if you’re using filters on your Mail account, then there is a chance for the filter to block the messages. To change the filter setting, perform the following steps.
    • a. Turn on filters: Click the Filters option. Now, a list of filter settings will be displayed on the screen. Enable the desired filters.
    • b. Turn off filter: If the new message is not received even after turning on filters, then turn them OFF. To do so, click the Filters option and untick the checkbox beside the specific filters.
  • Step 5:If the issue persists, then check if your Mail account is disabled or offline. If yes, enable it and then click the Get Mail button.
  • Step 6:If you encounter this issue while receiving emails from a specific email address, then check if that email address is blocked. If yes, unblock that particular email address.
  • Step 7:Relaunch the Mail app: Sometime, this method may resolve this issue. Close the Mail app and relaunch it after a while.
  • Step 8:Check if any security software or firewall is blocking the Mail app from receiving the new emails. If yes, disable the security software temporarily and then click the Get Mail button.

If the Apple Mail not receiving issue persists, then contact us more assistance.

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