Cannot Choose Signature In Mac Mail?

In case you cannot choose signature in Mac Mail app, you can create your personalized signatures and add them to your emails as per your wish. It is not that only one signature can be used, but you can create multiple signatures. You can also create signatures for a particular email account in the Mail app, and can also choose the default signature for that account. In case you want to change the signature for that email account, then you can do it while composing your email.

Sometimes, what happens is, after an OS update or upgrade, when you launch the Mail app and compose your email, the default signature for that email account might not be included in the compose window. So, when you go to the Signature pop-up menu to set a signature, there won’t be any signature listed. Only the None and Edit options will be available.

Also, when you select the Edit option, the Signature preference window will be opened. In this window, the Choose Signature menu will be greyed out, and you cannot choose signature in Mac Mail. Follow the methods explained here to solve the issue and choose your signature in Mac Mail.

Method 1:

If you had created your signatures under the All Signatures option, then you might face this issue. To choose a signature for your email account, you have to add the signatures to that account. The steps for this method are given below.

  • Step 1: Launch the Mail app on your Mac computer.
  • Step 2: From the top, click the Mail menu.
  • Step 3: Select the Preferences option from the list of options.
  • Step 4: In the window that opens, select the Signature tab.
  • Step 5: In the left panel, check if there are any signatures in the All Signatures account and your email account.
  • Step 6: If All Signatures has some signatures and your email account doesn’t have any, then click on All Signatures.
  • Step 7: Select the signatures you need from the middle panel.
  • Step 8: Click and drag the selected signatures from the middle panel to your email account in the left panel.
  • Step 9: Now, if you click your email account in the left panel, you can notice the signatures being listed.
  • Step 10: You should be able to choose the signature from the Choose Signature menu now.
  • Step 11: If there is no signature listed even in All Signatures, then select your email account and click the + icon at the bottom.
  • Step 12: Enter a name for the signature in the middle panel and edit the signature in the preview panel at the right.

If you are still not able to choose a signature, then go to method 2.

Method 2:

In Mac Mail, the signatures are associated with the Signatures ByAccount.plist file. Moving this file to Trash would solve cannot choose signature in Mac Mail issue. The steps are:

  • Step 1: Make sure the Mail app is not opened.
  • Step 2: Open the Finder and go to the location on your Mac computer: /username/Library/MailSignatures/
  • Step 3: In this directory, locate the SignaturesByAccount.plist file and move it to Trash.
  • Step 4: Now, launch the Mail app and check whether you are able to choose the signature or if the problem cannot choose signature in Mac Mail is persist.
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