How To Change Aol Password On Android?

At times, you tend to forget your email passwords. At other times, your passwords might not work. But you'll not be sure about the reason behind it. For example, your computer's Ccaps Llock might be turned on. Similarly, there could be some reasons, such as the insecure feeling that your password is known to someone. Setting a solid password is safe because hackers may steal all the essential data from your mail if you use a weak password. Do you want to change AOL password on Android device? Then this is the right place for you.

Changing Password Without Using Aol App:

  • Step 1:Open a wWeb browser, type, and press Enter.
  • Step 2:Log in to your AOL account using your Username and Password.
  • Step 3:In the right corner, tap on your profile picture.
  • Step 4:The Account page appears.
  • Step 5:Tap "Account Security"> Change password in the left navigation bar.
  • Step 6:Enter the new password and re-enter it again to confirm.
  • Step 7:Tap Show password to verify whether the password is correct.
  • Step 8:Tap on the Continue button.

Changing Password Using Aol App:

  • Step 1:On your Android device, open the AOL mail app.
  • Step 2:IOn the right corner, tap on the Settings icon.
  • Step 3:Then pressselect Add Account, enter your AOL email id, and tap Next.
  • Step 4:Tap on Forgot password, and a prompt appears.
  • Step 5:To get a code on your phone, tap "Yes, send me a code."
  • Step 6:Enter the verification code which you got on your phone and press Verify.
  • Step 7:Enter thea new password and tap Continue.
  • Step 8:Now, you can add a recovery email address, if essential. This will help you to recover your email next time.
  • Step 9:If it is not essential, you can skip it.
  • Step 10:You can now log into AOL mail successfully.

Now you have seen how to change aol password on android.

Some Of The Tips For Choosing And Using A New Password:

When you Setting a long password, it will be is harder to crack. So try to set a long password.

  • Step 1:Use a complete password you can remember and leave spaces between words.
  • Step 2:Use two or more special cases at the beginning and ending of the password.
  • Step 3:Keep it relative and simple.
  • Step 4:Changing passwords every three or six months is a good practice.
  • Step 5:AOL requires at least eight letters in a password and recommends using exceptional cases, such as !, @, #, $, %, etc.

Use the above two methods to change AOL password on Android device. If you face any Aol mail issues, contact our technical support.

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