How To Configure Comcast Email Settings On Iphone?

Configuring Comcast email settings on iPhone is quite easy. It doesn’t involve any difficult steps. If you are new to the settings, you can follow the instructions mentioned in this post. These instructions will help you use the most prominent Comcast email service provider on your iPhone.

  • Step 1:On your iPhone, go to the Settings app.
  • Step 2:Click on the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars tab. From that screen, select the Add Account option at the bottom.
  • Step 3:Scroll down and then select Other. Now, click Add Mail Account.
  • Step 4:On the next screen, you’ll find these fields.
  • Step 5:Name
  • Step 6:Email
  • Step 7:Password
  • Step 8:Description

In each field, type the required details, such as your name in the Name field. For example, type Comcast email address and Comcast email password in the Email and Password fields, respectively. In the Description field, type “Comcast” or any personal information.

  • Step 1: Now, choose POP3 as the account type to configure comcast email settings on iphone. Start entering the following details.
  • Step 2: In the Incoming mail server field, type Hostname as and then type Comcast email address and password in the username and password fields, respectively. In the Outgoing mail server field, type Hostname as and then type the Comcast email address and password in the required fields. Now, click Save and select your email address.
  • Step 3: You can now return to the previous screen and then select Advanced.

Check if the details under the Incoming Mail Server are correct. The incoming mail server details are:

  • Step 1: SSL
  • Step 2: Port number – 993
  • Now, under Outgoing Mail Server, select SMTP. Now, check the following details.

  • Step 3: SSL
  • Step 4: Port number – 587

The entered details will be verified, and if the information is correct, your configuration process will be successful. Finally, click Done.

You can now restart your iPhone. Now you have successfully completed comcast email settings on iphone process. You’re now ready to use the Comcast email service from your iPhone.

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