Em Client Connection Failed - [SOLVED]


Em Client Connection Failed

eM Client was developed as an alternative to the existing email clients. This Windows and Mac OS-based email client can be used for sending/receiving emails and managing contacts, notes, and other tasks. It is very popular because of its user-friendly interface. eM Client has also got several great features, which make it a much sought-after option.

Despite all its wonderful features, users sometimes face issues while using eM Client. Many users would have been working on eM Client without any problems, until they find the “New version available!” message on their computer screens. When they download and install the new version of eM Client on their computers, many of them encounter the following error message:

Connection failed. An attempt to connect to (eM Client address) failed…

On this page, we shall discuss the eM Client connection failed issue in detail.

eM Client states that the above error might be caused by incorrect settings or temporary server unavailability. But as you can see, users face this error after they update eM Client to the new (latest) version. Actually, the server would be working fine, the user wouldn’t have modified any settings, and would be able to read the emails from other clients.

To troubleshoot the issue, try the methods given below:

Method 1: Try Disabling The Firewall/antivirus

The firewall on your system might interfere with the functioning of eM Client. At times, the antivirus installed on your computer could prevent the proper functioning of eM Client. So, try disabling the firewall/antivirus on your computer. This step has been found to fix the eM Client connection failed problem in many of the cases.

In some cases, the Kaspersky software installed on the computers were known to cause the issue. When users removed the Kaspersky product from their systems, the problem got solved.

If the problem persists after disabling the antivirus or firewall on your system, move on to the next method.

Method 2: Try Returning To The Previous Version (Downgrading)

Since the new version of eM Client is causing the current problem, try these steps to fix it:

  • Step 1 : Uninstall eM Client from your system.
  • Step 2 : Ensure that you do not delete the database.
  • Step 3 : Go to your Release History and locate the previous version of eM Client.
  • Step 4 : Download this version.
  • Step 5 : Finally, install it onto your computer to rectify the eM Client connection failed error.

You will have to back up your eM Client database before you uninstall the new version. To do this task, carry out these instructions:

  • Step 1 : Navigate to Menu on eM Client.
  • Step 2 : Click on File and then choose the Backup option.
  • Step 3 : If you are using Windows, thezip file will be saved to a directory located in the Documents folder.

Once you have installed the previous version of eM Client on your computer, check if the issue is resolved.

You have now successfully fixed the eM Client connection failed issue.

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