Error Connecting To Imap Server

  • Step 1:The error message occurs when the IMAP server cannot respond to the user commands. In such a case, see if the internet connection is provided.
  • Step 2:Turn off all the security programs on the device, including the Firewall settings, as the firewall services can block the connection to the server.
  • Step 3:If the IMAP server is down, you cannot connect to the server due to high traffic issues and large disk storage.
  • Step 4:Wrong sever configuration data can also create IMAP server errors.

The Error Connecting To Imap Server Localhost 110 Connection Timed Out

  • Step 1:The IMAP server can lose the connection when the sender details stored in the mail spool is larger. The server takes some time to scan through the spool and approve the mails, so delete the larger files from the spool.
  • Step 2:Keep the spool information in the mail format.MBX, which can help the IMAP server quickly analyze the data. 
  • Step 3:The IMAP read timeout should be long enough to enable the IMAP server to sort out all the emails that are received. Modify the timeout duration to increased value.

The Error Connecting To Imap Server Localhost 111 Connection Refused Squirrelmail

  • Step 1:The error occurs when one tries to log in to the SquirrelMail account. Incorrect IMAP configuration could be the reason for the connection failure. Modify the IMAP configuration by scripting the PHP file and then restart the device.
  • Step 2:Secure the IMAP using TLS or SSL encryption connections and verify the server port number that is 993.
  • Step 3:Sometimes, the cookies used by Squirrelmail can be blocked by the browser. The Cookie Warning plugin helps to resolve this issue.
  • Step 4:When the account is automatically logged out of the Squirrelmail, see the AutoLogout settings in the PHP file. Make the necessary changes to the Timeout User plugins.

Error Connecting To Imap Server Localhost 13 Permission Denied

  • Step 1:In such a case, when the IMAP server permission is denied, check the IMAP activity status. If the IMAP server works well with the other email clients, then the Squirrelmail is troubled.
  • Step 2:The Squirrelmail configuration needs to be correct. Or else, modify the server settings in the presets list.
  • Step 3:The security services in the Linux device can be preventing the IMAP servers from operations. Disable the security options and again try to access the IMAP server.
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