Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Gmail is by far one of the most popular email services in the world at present. Despite being immensely popular for its services, some issues are being faced in Gmail. One such issue is that Gmail is not able to receive emails at ease. There are varieties of reasons that can be frustrating, leading to not receiving emails. But the issue can be resolved easily.   In case you are one of those Gmail users, here are some simple solutions that can work in your favor.

  • Step 1:The Gmail server is either busy or down. So, try again after some time
  • Step 2:Check the Internet connection
  • Step 3:See if your computer or laptop has the proper date and time setting
  • Step 4:Restart your phone/computer
  • Step 5:Try to use a different browser

Fix 1: Check your Internet connection

There is a remote chance that a problem with the Internet could be one of the reasons.

See if your computer or laptop is connected to the Internet.

If you have opted for a wired setup, check the Ethernet cable to see if it's firmly attached to the computer and the router.

Reset the router

  • Step 1:Remove the router power cord from the main power source.
  • Step 2:Wait for the router to cool down for a minute or two.
  • Step 3:Reconnect the power cord back to the main power source and the router.
  • Step 4:Reconnect the router to the laptop or computer.

Open Gmail and see if you are able to receive an email. For immediate response, send a test email to yourself and see if it works.

Fix 2: Check Gmail Storage

There is a high chance that the unavailability of space in Gmail is one of the reasons Gmail is not able to receive emails.

  • Step 1:When you sign up for Gmail the first time, you will be getting a 15GB free space to have all your emails.
  • Step 2:The 15GB covers all Google services like Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail.
  • Step 3:The best answer to this problem would be to upgrade to Google One. By doing this, you will have a space of 100GB extra based on your payment options.

Fix 3: Perform an OS update

An outdated operating system can be one of the reasons why Gmail is not able to receive any emails.


  • Step 1:Open Settings (Windows + I).
  • Step 2:Click Update & Security.
  • Step 3:Select Windows Update.
  • Step 4:Click the Check for updates button.


  • Step 1:Click the Apple icon on your Mac computer.
  • Step 2:Click on the System Preferences… option.
  • Step 3:Select the option Software Update.
  • Step 4:Your Mac will check for available updates. If there are any, click on the Update Now button.

With the simple methods to troubleshoot the issue, you will no longer have any problem with Gmail not receiving any emails.

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