Gmail Not Working

The Gmail application does not function properly due to some reasons. The frequently occurring problems with the Gmail application are related to receiving emails and notifications. You have to resolve these issues by following the Gmail not working troubleshooting steps below.

Gmail Not Receving Emails

  • Step 1:When you are using the web interface to access the Gmail account, try to open the Gmail application and check if you are receiving emails.
  • Step 2:Check the Trash and Spam mails if you do not get the mails in your Inbox.
  • Step 3:Go to Settings Filters Any blocked addresses on that same page to check if you have blocked any address from sending emails.
  • Step 4:Also, you have to check the forwarding settings by selecting the Forwarding option from the Settings menu.

IMAP Gmail Com is Not Responding


  • Step 1:Open the Gmail application and then pull the page down to refresh.
  • Step 2:Navigate to the Settings window and then tap the Wi-Fi option.
  • Step 3:Turn on the toggle beside the Wi-Fi option.
  • Step 4:Then, check the connected network strength is strong. If the signal strength is low, change the network connection.


  • Step 1:Navigate to Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendars iDownloadBlog and then tap the Delete Account button.
  • Step 2:Once you have removed the G-mail account, go to the Settings option under Menu.
  • Step 3:Tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option, and then touch the Add Account option to solve Gmail not working.
  • Step 4:Select any one of the applications, enter the valid email id in the ‘Enter your email’ field.
  • Step 5:Touch the Next button, followed by entering the password to log in to the Gmail account to fix imap gmail com is not responding.



  • Step 1:Open the Settings app, tap the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ option, and touch the iDownloadBlog option.
  • Step 2:Tap Account and then select SMTP from the Outgoing Mail Server section.
  • Step 3:Tap the Gmail SMTP Server in the Primary Server section.
  • Step 4:Check the details in the Outgoing Mail Server section when the next window opens to solve IMAP Gmail Com is Not Responding.
  • Step 5:Then needed, change the Host Name, User Name, Password, SSL, Authentication, and Server Port 466 fields.


  • Step 1:Tap the Settings icon to view the options.
  • Step 2:Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars iDownloadBlog Advanced Incoming Settings.
  • Step 3:Modify the SSL, IMAP Path Prefix, and Server Port 993 fields to solve IMAP Gmail Com is Not Responding.


  • Step 1:Force-quit the Gmail application.
  • Step 2:Use App Switcher to relaunch the Gmail application.
  • Step 3:Also, try refreshing the inbox of the Gmail application for solving Gmail not working problem.

Gmail Notifications Not Working


  • Step 1:On the Android mobile phone, tap the Gmail icon to open.
  • Step 2:Select the Menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Step 3:Tap the Settings option and then select the email for which you do not get the notifications.
  • Step 4:Tap the Inbox Notifications option.
  • Step 5:Make sure to checkmark the box next to the ‘Notify for every message’ option to fix Gmail notifications not working.
  • Step 6:Navigate to the Settings window again. Tap the General Settings option followed by the Manage Notifications option.
  • Step 7:Enable the Mail feature to receive notifications for all the mails.


  • Step 1:Navigate to the Battery & performance option in the Settings window.
  • Step 2:Tap the Choose apps Gmail No restrictions to receive notifications even when the battery is low on your Android mobile phone.


  • Step 1:Go to the Data Usage option after launching the Settings app.
  • Step 2:Tap the Gmail option and turn on the Mobile, Wi-Fi, and Background data settings.
  • Step 3:Tap the App info button at the bottom of the screen to fix Gmail not working problem.
  • Step 4:Select Restrict data usage and then remove the checkmark beside the Mobile data option.


  • Step 1:Tap the Settings icon to launch the Settings window on the Android mobile phone.
  • Step 2:Navigate to the Google option.
  • Step 3:Select Gmail to turn on the synchronization to solve to fix Gmail notifications not working.


  • Step 1:Tap the Installed apps option in the settings menu.
  • Step 2:Touch the Gmail option and then tap the Clear Data option to clear the cache of the Gmail application.

Gmail SMTP Not Working

Proceed with the following steps to fix this issue.

  • Step 1:Go to the Google Apps administration panel.
  • Step 2:Click the Security option and then select Basic Settings.
  • Step 3:Under the Less Secure apps, click the ‘Go to settings for less secure apps’ option to solve Gmail SMTP not working.
  • Step 4:For other Google Users, go to Less Secure apps and sign into the account that you are using to enable 5-Step verification.
  • Step 6:Choose the Turn on Option.
  • Step 7:In case the 2-step verification is enabled, go to App passwords page.
  • Step 8:Click the Select app and then select the app that you are using to solve Gmail SMTP not working.
  • Step 9:Next, click the Generate button, type the password on the device, and click Done.

Gmail Not Showing New Emails 

Do the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

  • Step 1:First, go to Settings and then click the email account.
  • Step 2:Now, choose Default Inbox as the Inbox type.  
  • Step 3:Next, try to erase all the data from the application.
  • Step 4:Delete the Cache. to solve Gmail not working 

Gmail Promotions Tab Not Working

Do the following steps to fix this issue.

  • Step 1:First, make sure that the email was sent from the subdomain using which you send your marketing emails regularly.
  • Step 2:If you send emails from subdomains that are least recognized, the Gmail tab classifier may prevent emails from being placed under the Promotion tab.
  • Step 3:Now, check and make sure the account has no email filters that is sending the email to the primary tab.
  • Step 4:Ensure to send the email from the particular subdomains to check if the email goes to the correct tab.

Gmail Search Not Working

  • Step 1:Open the Gmail app on your computer and press the F5 button to refresh the mail app. 
  • Step 2:Go to Account and select the Sign Out option. After a few minutes, log into your Gmail account and check if the Gmail error has been resolved. 
  • Step 3:Close the Gmail app and open it on your device after a few minutes to solve Gmail search not working. 
  • Step 4:Check if there are any updates for your Internet browser and update if necessary. 
  • Step 5:Next, disable any extensions that are added to the browser and check if the issue has been resolved. 
  • Step 6:You have to disable the Antivirus software temporarily to sort out this Gmail not working problem. 
  • Step 7:Finally, clear the cache and cookies using the following procedure to solve Gmail search not working. 
  • Step 8:Launch Google Chrome on your system and log into your Google account using the credentials. 
  • Step 9:Select the More Tools option from the Chrome menu and then choose the Clear Browsing Data option. 
  • Step 10:Tick the box near the Cookies and Other Site Data, and the Cached Images and Files option. 
  • Step 11:Tap the Beginning of Time option in the next step and then select the Clear Browsing Data option.

Gmail Send Button Not Working

  • Step 1:Check if the security system of Google has blocked your IP address. 
  • Step 2:Go to the Security menu and select the Recent Activity option. Tap the Yes, That’s Me option. 
  • Step 3:Send a test mail from your Gmail app to check if your host is blocking a few outgoing ports due to security reasons. 
  • Step 4:Open an incognito window and try to send a mail after logging in. 
  • Step 5:Make use of a different browser to access Gmail and send a mail. 
  • Step 6:If these solutions do not sort out the Gmail not working problem, then call our technical experts.

Gmail Attachments Not Working

  • Step 1:First, grant all the permissions to Gmail by clicking the Padlock icon available in the address bar. 
  • Step 2:Next, upgrade the Adobe Flash Player to resolve this issue as Gmail attachment uploader uses Flash.
  • Step 3:Check for any browser updates and download it if required. 
  • Step 4:Now, disable the proxy settings by typing Internet Options in the search bar of the Start menu to solve Gmail attachments not working. 
  • Step 5:Go to the Connection tab and select the LAN Settings option.
  • Step 6:Untick the checkbox near the Use a Proxy Server for your LAN option. Tap OK. 
  • Step 7:Launch the Run dialog box on your system and type firewall.cpl. Tap the Enter button. 
  • Step 8:Select the Turn Windows Firewall On or Off option and then disable the Windows firewall. 
  • Step 9:lick the OK button to save the firewall settings. For further assistance to solve Gmail not working, call our technical experts.
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