How Long Does Usps Forward Mail After Change Of Address

You want to know how long does USPS forward mail after change of address When you move out of your address temporarily or if you have planned for a long-term relocation, amidst other planning to relocate, you must not forget to submit a Change-of-Address order at USPS online or directly at a nearby Post Office. If the address is not changed, then your mails may not be delivered to your old address in your absence and will be returned with the reason for nondelivery.

When you place a change-of-address order to USPS, your mails and packages will be forwarded to the new address. Usually, a permanent change of address order is kept up to 18 months for forwarding mails and packages. Whereas the order for change of address from general delivery is kept for 6 months, and the change of address order other than the permanent local address is kept only for 30 days.

How Long Are The Mails Forwarded:

For a permanent change of address: When the change of address is permanent, the USPS forwards your mails and packages without any charge for the first 12 months. From months 13 through 18, the mails will be returned with the new address attached to the mail. In case the mails are received regularly to your old address, then the postmaster can extend mail forwarding for one more year. But this must be justified such that nondelivery of mails would lead to economic hardship.

For a temporary change of address: When a temporary change of address order is placehow long does USPS forward mail after change of addressd so how long does USPS forward mail after change of address, the mails are forwarded till the time period mentioned. Mail forwarding facility for a temporary change of address can be availed for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum period of 12 months. Initial mail forwarding for a temporary change of address will expire within 6 months. The customers can extend it to another 6 months by renewing it before the first 6-month duration expires.

How To Change Address:

A customer can fill the Change-of-Address order to avail mail forwarding in two methods.

Method 1:

  • Step 1: By filling the Internet Change of Address (ICOA) form on the USPS website.
  • Step 2: Visit the USPS website and select the Change of Address option from the Quick Tools menu.
  • Step 3: Then, fill the required details to complete the ICOA form. In this method, the customer is required to provide a valid debit and email address for authentication purposes and will be charged $1.05.

Method 2:

In this method how long does USPS forward mail after change of address is an immediate one, the customers can visit the nearest post office and fill PS Form 3575. Then, they can hand it over to the postal worker. The customer should provide a valid identification form as specified.

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