How to add signature in Rackspace

If you are planning to add signatures in Rackspace, you have visited the correct page. A signature that appears at the bottom of the mail you send will contain your name, job title, or other details that you create. Adding a signature is one of the biggest opportunities to brand every message you send. Let us now see the steps to add a signature in Rackspace.

Steps to add a signature in Rackspace

  • Step 1: Open Rackspace webmail on your computer.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account.
  • Step 3: Once your Rackspace webmail opens, navigate the cursor to the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Step 4: Select the three horizontal lines icon to open the menu.
  • Step 5: Choose the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 6: The Settings window will pop up on your desktop.
  • Step 7: Select Composing Email and click on the Signatures option at the top of the page.
  • Step 8: Provide your signature name under the Signature Name section.
  • Step 9: Make sure that you select the Enable Formatting option to edit the signature and click OK.
  • Step 10: Under the Edit signature section, provide the details you want to be displayed in your signature.
  • Step 11: Align the text as per your desire and click OK.
  • Step 12: Once aligned, make sure that you select the checkboxes under the Signatures section that are relevant for you and click Save.
  • Step 13: Now, go back to Settings and select the Composing Email option from the list.
  • Step 14: Click on the Identities section.
  • Step 15: Make sure that your signature is listed under the Current Identities section.
  • Step 16: Double-click on your signature to edit the Identity.
  • Step 17: Now, the Edit Identity window pops up on your screen.
  • Step 18: Under the Default Signature section, select the signature name you have created from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 19: Click OK and ensure that you click on the Save option to save all the changes.
  • Step 20: Now, compose a mail and make sure that the signature you have created is visible on the mail you compose.
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