How To Attach An Email In Gmail

An old email can be attached to another email, even without saving it as a document. Follow the below how to attach an email in Gmail procedure to attach the old email to an email.

  • Step 1:Open the browser on your computer and open the official Gmail website.
  • Step 2:Sign in to your Gmail account using the email address and the password.
  • Step 3:On the Gmail home page, move to the left side panel and click the folder where the email is present.
  • Step 4:Now, select the email on the right-side panel.
  • Step 5:After the email opens up, click the Print icon and select the Change button in the Print section.
  • Step 6:The different destination locations appear under Select a destination, then choose Save to Google Drive and proceed with how to attach an email in Gmail guide.
  • Step 7:After that, click the Save button in the Print section.
  • Step 8:When the email is saved in the Drive, click the Compose button on the left side panel.
  • Step 9:In the New Message window that shows up, click the Google Drive icon next to the Attach files icon.
  • Step 10:Next, the Insert files using Google Drive window appears. Under the My Drive panel, select the email which you saved previously.
  • Step 11:Click the Insert button to attach the email to the new email you have created.
  • Step 12:Now by using the how to attach an email in Gmail procedure, you can enter the recipient email address and include the message. Send the email with the attached old email.
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