Here are the how to create HTML email guidelines to be followed send a HTML email.

  • Step 1:Write the HTML email and make sure to keep it simple if you plan on sending it via Gmail. Each email service has a different set of rules when it comes to allowing what type of HTML emails can be sent through them. It is best to find content written for the email service that you prefer. Since these HTML email rules are always changing, make sure to find content that was written recently.
  • Step 2:Open the HTML file that you created with a browser. In Google Chrome, you can press the buttons CTRL and O to open the Open File dialog box. From there, select the HTML file and click Open
  • Step 3:When the HTML file is rendered on the browser, copy the browser window’s contents to your computer’s clipboard and open the email service that you want to use.
  • Step 4:Click the Compose mail button on the email service’s(Gmail, Outlook, etc.) dashboard. Paste the browser window contents that you copied in the entry field and view the HTML email while following how to create HTML email. Check whether the HTML email has any errors. Enter the email recipient information and click Send.
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