How To Create Rule In Outlook 2016?

Microsoft Outlook 2016 is one of the best desktop email clients with advanced email features and an excellent interface. Among several features the Outlook app has, let us explore the Rules feature. It is necessary to create rules in the Outlook app to keep your emails organized. Outlook allows you to create a rule based on a message or from a template. To know how to create rule in Outlook 2016 app, follow the steps given below.

Read the below given steps to know how to setup rule in outlook 2016 based on message.

How To Create A Rule Based On A Message:

  • Step 1:On your computer, launch the Outlook app by double-clicking its shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Step 2:Choose your Inbox folder from the left-side panel and right-click a message to select Rules –> Create Rule.
  • Step 3:Alternatively, click the Rules ribbon from the Outlook menu and select the Create Rule option from the drop-down list.
  • Step 4:In the Create Rule window, choose the condition for the message.
  • Step 5:Make sure the condition for incoming email messages is selected in the Subject contains and Sent to fields.
  • Step 6:Click OK to finish creating the rule in the Outlook 2016 app.
  • Step 7:For advanced settings, click the Advanced Options button and specify the required condition.
  • Step 8:Click the OK button and select the Run this new rule now on messages already in the current folder checkbox. Doing so will activate the rule right away.
  • Step 9:Click OK and check if the message appears in the specified folder.

Continue reading the below steps to know how to create rule in outlook 2016 using existing template.

How To Create A Rule From An Existing Template:

  • Step 1:In the Outlook app, click the File tab and select Manage Rules & Alerts –> New Rule.
  • Step 2:Choose a template and select Flag messages from someone for follow-up.
  • Step 3:Give your rule a description and click OK.
  • Step 4:Click Next and specify the conditions for the rule.
  • Step 5:Click the OK button and select Next to finish setting up the rule from a template.
  • Step 6:Finally, click Finish –> OK.

We hope you have learned how to create rule in Outlook 2016 app and are ready to filter you incoming emails. To get more assistance, Reach us by clicking the call button and get instant solution.

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