How To Create Rules In Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the advanced desktop email clients today. In this article, let’s discuss how to create rules in the Outlook 2016 app. You can use rules in Outlook to organize your emails. Usually, you can create a rule based on a message or from a template. For detailed instructions on how to create rules in outlook, go through the steps given below.

Creating Rules Based On A Message:

  • Step 1: On your computer, launch the Outlook app by double-clicking its shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Step 2: Open your mailbox and right-click the message for which you wish to create a rule.
  • Step 3: Select the Rules option followed by Create Rule in the displayed list.
  • Step 4: Alternatively, click the Rule drop-down menu in the toolbar and select the Create Rule option.
  • Step 5: In the Create Rule window, select the condition for the rule.
  • Step 6: If you wish to move your messages to a specific folder, select the Subject contains condition and choose the Move the item to folder option.
  • Step 7: Click OK after specifying the condition for the rule you are creating in Outlook.
  • Step 8: Make sure to select the Run this new rule now on messages already in the current folder checkbox and click OK.

Now, you have seen how to create rules in Outlook. Continue reading to know more about how to setup rules in outlook from a template.

Creating A Rule From A Template:

  • Step 1: In the Outlook app, click the File menu and select Manage Rules & Alerts.
  • Step 2: Click on New Rule and select a template.
  • Step 3: If you wish to flag a message, select the Flag messages from someone for follow-up option.
  • Step 4: Next, edit the rule description. You can do so by clicking an underlined value and selecting an option from the list.
  • Step 5: Click OK and select Next.
  • Step 6: Choose the required conditions and specify the details.
  • Step 7: Click OK  Next in the Rule wizard.
  • Step 8: Name the rule you have created and verify the selected conditions.
  • Step 9: Click OK to complete creating rules in Outlook.

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