How To Export Mac Mail Contacts

The Contacts or Address Book program on your Mac will export the entries to the vCard file format. This how to export Mac mail contacts process will be performed by default. The entries that are exported to the vCard format will have a VCF file extension. But CSV is a much more widely used format and is compatible with various email clients.

If you have a Mac Mail Contacts list in the CSV format, it would be more convenient to import it into any of your email clients.

There are two methods using which you can get your contacts in the CSV format. They are the following:

  • Step 1: You can make use of a dedicated tool that will export a CSV file from scratch.
  • Step 2: You can first export all your contacts into the VCF format and then convert the VCF file into CSV.

In case you do not wish to utilize a dedicated tool or pay for an application to create a CSV file, you can go for the second method (that is mentioned above). To perform this method, you first have to create the vCard file.

Now, let us see the how to export Mac mail contacts steps to export the contacts to a VCF file and then convert the VCF file to CSV:

  • Step 1: On your Mac computer, open your Contacts application. You can access this app either from the Dock or the Applications folder.
  • Step 2: When you are within the Contacts app, go to the left pane and select the list that you wish to export. The list usually appears in the name of All Contacts.
  • Step 3: From the Contacts menu bar, click File. From the options that are displayed, choose Export.
  • Step 4: To the right of the Export option, two more options will pop up. From these options, select Export vCard.
  • Step 5: Now on following how to export Mac mail contacts steps, provide a suitable name to the contact list to be exported. Then, select a location to save the list. Once you have completed these two tasks, click on the Save button.
  • Step 6: Your contacts will be exported to a VCF file. You can make use of an online VCF to CSV converter to create your CSV file. One such recommended online converter tool is the ACConvert utility.
  • Step 7: In case you are going to use ACConvert, you can follow the steps given below:
  • Step 8:
  • Step 9: Upload the VCF file onto the ACConvert website.
  • Step 10: Choose CSV as your output format.
  • Step 11: Enter the required information (only if necessary).
  • Step 12: When the conversion process is completed, you can save the CSV file on your computer.

You have now successfully exported your Mac Mail Contacts using how to export Mac mail contacts guide. Later you can use the CSV file to import your contacts into other compatible applications.

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