How To Export Zoho Mail To Outlook?

If you have decided to access and manage all your Zoho emails from Outlook, you can use the Export feature. Due to the firewall and synchronizing protocols, you cannot export Zoho emails to Outlook directly. So, you need to convert Zoho emails to PST and then use the Zoho Mail to Outlook Converter. In general, Zoho emails can be exported using two methods, manually from Zoho Mail and automatically using Zoho Backup. To know how to export Zoho emails to Outlook, refer to the step-by-step instructions provided below.

How To Export Zoho Mail To Outlook

Method 1 - Export Zoho Emails To Outlook Manually

  • Step 1 : Access your Zoho Mail account using the correct login credentials.
  • Step 2 : Click the Settings option at the top-right end of the screen and proceed with how to export Zoho emails to Outlook guide.
  • Step 3 : Select the Import/Export option in the left panel.
  • Step 4 : On the right-hand side of the screen, choose Inbox from the Select a folder drop-down menu.
  • Step 5 : Navigate to the Export Options section and select the Export all the messages radio button.
  • Step 6 : Click the Export button at the bottom.
  • Step 7 : Now, all your data will be emailed to your Zoho mail ID.
  • Step 8 : Navigate to the Inbox folder and open the email that you received from Zoho.
  • Step 9 : Click the Zipped file link to download.
  • Step 10 : After downloading it, unzip it using the WinRAR
  • Step 11 : All your exported email messages will be in the .eml format.
  • Step 12 : Convert the exported Zoho email messages to the PST format using the EML to PST Converter tool.
  • Step 13 : Once done with the above given how to export Zoho emails to Outlook procedure, proceed to import the Zoho email messages to Outlook.
  • Step 14 : Open the Outlook email client on your computer.
  • Step 15 : Click the File tab followed by the Open & Export
  • Step 16 : In the main panel, select the Import/Export
  • Step 17 : When the Import and Export Wizard screen opens, choose the Import from another program or file option and click the Next
  • Step 18 : Choose the Zoho PST file and continue with the prompts to finish.
  • Step 19 : This is how you have to export Zoho emails to Outlook.

Method 2 - Export Zoho Emails To Outlook Using The Zoho Backup Tool

  • Step 1 : Open the Zoho Mail Backup tool on your computer.
  • Step 2 : Enter your Zoho login credentials in the appropriate fields.
  • Step 3 : Click the Login button to access your account.
  • Step 4 : Navigate to the Select E-mail Format
  • Step 5 : Select the PST (Microsoft Outlook) radio button.
  • Step 6 : Go to the Select Destination
  • Step 7 : Click the Browse button and then specify a location to save the resultant PST file.
  • Step 8 : Select the Apply Filter option and click the Start
  • Step 9 : Move the exported Zoho emails (PST) to Outlook.
  • Step 10 : Note: To migrate contact from Zoho to Outlook, you have to use a professional tool.

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