How To Make An Email Template In Mac Mail?

Templates are the best tool for you to have a head start with the documents in apps like Keynote and Pages on your Mac. Often, you might end up writing the same message again and again. To avoid repetition, you can create your own email template, as it doesn't take a lot of time like you think it would. Follow the how to make an email template in Mac mail steps to create an templates on Mac Mail.

  • Step 1 : Perform a double-click on the Mail appicon on your Mac computer.
  • Step 2 : Click the Composebutton to compose a new email.
  • Step 3 : Enter a subject and compose the email in the Mac mail.
  • Step 4 : Once you have finished composing the email, you have to click the Filemenu and then click the Save option (the composed email will be saved in drafts).
  • Step 5 : Now on following how to make an email template in Mac mail manual, you have to make sure to create a new Mailbox. Click the File menu and click New Mailbox.
  • Step 6 : In the location drop-down list, select the option On My Macand set the name of the Mailbox as Templates.
  • Step 7 : Click the Drafts
  • Step 8 : Perform a right-click on the email you composed and saved as a draft. Under the Move to section, select Templates.
  • Step 9 : To use this template, perform a right-click on the email, click the Messageoption and then select Send Again.
  • Step 10 : Now,you can add a recipient in the Cc or Bc field and click the Send

By following the how to make an email template in Mac mail steps that are mentioned above, you can create an email template on Mac Mail and use it whenever you want to send the same email message. If you face any difficulties while creating the email template on Mac Mail, click the Call button for assistance.

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