How To Recover Aol Password Without Phone Number?

Recovering the AOL password without the phone number is done very quickly. While creating the password, you’ll be asked to do the steps required for recovering the AOL password if you’ve forgotten it. If you have a problem with your phone number, you’ll have to recover your AOL password with the help of other options. What are they? To know about those steps, you’ll have to check this article. You’ll find simple guidelines on how to recover AOL password without phone number.How to recover an AOL password without a phone number?

Using the recovery email address or with the help of a sign-in email address, you’ll be able to recover your AOL password. Simple. Just use the default web browser to visit the AOL page. Before you begin the recovery process, you’ll have to ensure that you create a unique and strong password that lasts long.

Solution 1: Reviewing AOL mail settings

  • Step 1:Visit the Sign-in helper page.
  • Step 2:Enter the recovery email address in the required empty field.
  • Step 3:Click Continue, and then you’ll have to continue with the instructions given in the Sign-in helper.
  • Step 4:Later, you’ll have to change the password. You’ll have to check with the further instructions displayed on the webpage.
  • Step 5:Additionally, you need to change the account security page. Click the Change password option. You’ll have to enter a new password and then click Continue.
  • Step 6:If prompted, perform the instructions on display. Click the I forgot my password link displayed on the sign-in page.
  • Step 7:Go to the AOL sign-in page, and then you need to enter your username.
  • Step 8:Click Next, and then the I forgot my password link.
  • Step 9:You’ll have to choose the password recovery options. Select your email address. Ensure that you receive the code to your email address. You’ll have to ensure that you are recovering your password.

Here are some tips to not forget the password and also some interesting factors that could help you get rid of the problem.

  • Step 1:You'll be free of some common errors as you create longer passwords.
  • Step 2:Ensure that you build an encrypted password.
  • Step 3:You'll have to change your AOL password from time to time.
  • Step 4:Use numbers and characters.
  • Step 5:Use another web browser for better performance.

That's it. You've now seen how to recover AOL password without phone number. Apply these steps to troubleshoot the problem with the AOL application.

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