How To Recover Deleted Emails From Yahoo?

People accidentally delete important emails and aren’t aware of how to recover them. If you are one among them, read this article to know how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo.Here, we have given two different ways to recover deleted emails from Yahoo. One way of doing this is moving the deleted email back to the folder from Trash. And the other way is sending a request to Yahoo. We will see the step-by-step instructions to recover emails using both methods.


When you delete an email, it falls directly into the Trash folder and stays there until you empty that folder.

  • Step 1:Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Step 2:In the left panel, select the Trash folder.
  • How To Retrieve Deleted Emails From Yahoo?
  • Step 3:You will find a list of deleted emails in the Trash folder.
  • Step 4:Select the email you wish to recover.
  • Step 5:If you have two or more emails to recover, click the checkboxes of the respective emails you wish to recover.
  • Step 6:Click the Restore to Inbox option from the top menu.
  • How To Recover Deleted Yahoo Emails?
  • Step 7:Now, you can find the deleted emails recovered successfully in your inbox.


  • Step 1:Go to the Yahoo help page.
  • Step 2:Input “Recover lost or deleted emails” in the search field and look for it.
  • Step 3:On the Recover lost or deleted emails page, you will find instructions about recovering an email. Read them for future purposes.
  • Step 4:Click the Send a Restore Request button.
  • How To Retrieve Deleted Yahoo Emails?
  • Step 5:You will be instructed to describe the problem. Choose the problem from the drop-down list.
  • How To Recover Lost Emails From Yahoo?
  • Step 6:Next, choose the time you last saw the lost messages (Maximum is 16 hours).
  • Step 7:Next, enter the valid email address that you have access to.
  • Step 8:Enter other details asked and click Create a Request.

Now, Yahoo Mail will do the needful. Make sure you forward or back up any new messages before Yahoo Mail makes a shift back to the specified time. When this happens, the existing email boxes and folders are replaced by the backup copy.

We hope you successfully get back all your important emails. If you need assistance on how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo, feel free to call us. Also, we are available to resolve any issues related to emails.

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