How To Schedule An Email In Apple Mail? - Quick Steps

Did you forget to send important emails? What did it cost, your job? Business? Or something even big? We have a solution for this. Just schedule an email to be sent to a specific person at a particular time. How to schedule an email? We will tell you that.Now, let’s see how to schedule an email in Apple Mail. Follow our instructions carefully and implement them as it is.

Steps involved:

  • Step 1:Creating an email workflow
  • Step 2:Creating a new email message
  • Step 3:Creating an email automation
  • Step 4:Set a date and time to send your email

Creating An Email Workflow

  • Step 1:Open Automator, a pre-installed app on Mac.
  • Step 2:Select New Document.
  • Step 3:A prompt appears, requesting you to choose a file type for your document.
  • Step 4:Choose Application from the list and click Choose.
  • Step 5:Expand the Library option and click Mail.
  • Step 6:Find the New Mail Message option in the adjacent panel and drag it into the main screen.

Creating A New Email Message

  • Step 1:You can start composing a new email that you wish to automate. Choose the account from which you want to send the email if you have multiple email accounts linked with the Mail app.
  • Step 2:You can add multiple recipients using CC and BCC like your regular email. Add subject to your mail.

Creating An Email Automation

  • Step 1:After creating a new mail, set up Automator to send the email.
  • Step 2:Get back to the list of Mail actions,
  • Step 3:Find the Send Outgoing Messages option.
  • Step 4:Drag and drop the section into the main window.
Creating An Email Automation
  • Step 5:Ensure that it goes below the New Mail section.
  • Step 6:Navigate to File --> Save.
  • Step 7:Set the file format and click the Save button.

Set The Date And Time To Send The Email

  • Step 1:Open the Calendar app and choose the date you like to send the email.
  • Step 2:Create a new event on a particular date by Control-clicking and choosing New Event.
  • Step 3:In the new pop-up, enter the time you wish to send the email.
  • Step 4:Click the Add Alert, Repeat, or Travel Time option to access the Alert dropdown menu and choose Custom.
Set The Date And Time To Send The Email
  • Step 5:Change the Message with the Sound dropdown menu to Open file.
  • Step 6:Now, a Calendar dropdown appears. Click the dropdown and choose Other.
  • Step 7:Next, in the Finder window, go to the Application Workflow you created in Automator. Click Select.
  • Step 8:Set the Minutes before to At time of event and click OK.
  • Step 9:Once everything above is done, ensure that you keep your Mac turned on. Rest everything will be done as scheduled.

We hope you have learned how to schedule an email in Apple Mail. Once scheduled, sit back and relax. But make sure you have kept your Mac turned on.

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