How To Send Media Mail?

Media Mail is one of the cheapest ways of sending non-sensitive media items through the U.S. Postal service. You can send in all types of media like Books, DVDs, VCDs, sound records, printer music through media mail as long as they do not exceed the weight limit of 70 pounds. The Media Mail package will take approximately up to 2-10 days to get it delivered to the recipient. Media Mail is purely based on the size and the weight of the package and not reliant on the zone-based delivery system that normal Postal service uses. Follow the below given how to send media mail steps for sending media mails.

Follow the instructions to send the Media Mail,

  • Step 1:You need to have a proper review of the items you are going to send. The Types of media that are valid to be sent through media mail are: Books that are more than ten pages, CDs and DVDs, sound records and video records, Sheet Music, printed charts, 16 mm, or much narrower films.
  • Step 2:You need to make sure the package does not exceed the weight limit of 70 pounds, so, if you have any computer or gaming accessories, then it is a big no.
  • Step 3:Packing is the most important thing here, and you need to package the boxes appropriately so that it will be easier to ship it to the recipient.
  • Step 4:Make sure to have properly sized boxes that will be needed to add in your documents.
  • Step 5:Add in an appropriate amount of packing material inside so that the items do not get damaged while shipping USPS outgoing mail.
  • Step 6:Address the package correctly once you have packed the material. Print the recipient address and the sender address neatly, so in case of a return, it can be sent back to you.
  • Step 7:Please seal the package, and you need to take it to the nearest USPS postal Office. 
  • Step 8:The Office will weigh in the package and will ask you to pay a certain amount based on the weight.
  • Step 9:Once done on using how to send media mail guide, you will be issued with tracking information of the package along with the expected date and time.
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