How To Set Up AOL Email On Quickbooks?

To know how to set up AOL email on QuickBooks Desktop, refer to the simple steps given on this page.Usually, webmail users have to enable their account settings for two-step verification. When you send an initial email message from QuickBooks, you have to enter your AOL email password. Once done with linking your AOL email account with the Intuit account, you do not have to enter your AOL email password every time you send an email message.

QuickBooks Desktop helps to send transactions through webmail or Outlook once you set up your email account. Most importantly, only the QuickBooks 2019 and 2020 versions work with the AOL webmail.

Step 1

  • Step 1:Launch the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software on your computer.

Step 2

  • Step 1:Click the Edit tab at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Step 2:Choose the Preferences option.

Step 3

  • Step 1:When the Preferences window opens, click the Send Forms tab in the left panel.

Step 4

  • Step 1:To set up your AOL email account in QuickBooks Desktop, select the Web Mail radio button in the main panel.
  • Step 2:Click the Add button to launch the Edit Email Info dialog window.

Step 5

  • Step 1:Enter the AOL email address in the Email ID field.
  • Step 2:Choose the AOL option from the Email Provider drop-down menu.
  • Step 3:On proceed with how to set up AOL email on QuickBooks guide, Type in the Server Name field.
  • Step 4:Type 465 or 587 in the Port field.
  • Step 5:Select the SSL checkbox.
  • Step 6:If you want to set up a secure account, select the checkbox beside the Use Enhanced Security option. Set a strong and complex password. You can deselect this checkbox if you see the Network Error. Please try again error message.
  • Step 7:Click the OK button in the Edit Email Info window.
  • Step 8:This will take you back to the Preferences window.
  • Step 9:Note: QuickBooks can fill the fields for some of the well-known email services providers.

Step 6

  • Step 1:On using how to set up AOL email on QuickBooks manual, In the main panel, click the OK button to finish the AOL email account setup in QuickBooks Desktop.
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