How To Stop Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct Mail Advertising is the practice of promoting online marketing information namely catalogs, postcards, and application forms to a list of potential customers. It is often referred to as junk mail. Removing your mailing address from a list of a promotional marketing database is a multi-step process and can be achieved only with diligence. It requires you to contact numerous marketing agencies to refrain yourself from their contact list and ensure your mailing address is added to the DND tracker. Refrain your mailing address from all the promotional marketing databases Here’s the quick guide that lets you know how to stop direct mail advertising and by following the below-mentioned strategies, you can get rid of all the promotional marketing emails at once.

  • Step 1:Ensure your contact details (mailing address) is not shared with the prospective marketing agencies via telecom companies.
  • Step 2:Login to and register your name and address (inclusive of your email) to get removed from the largest mailing list providers’ database --- in the United States --- constituting the Direct Mail Association. Reapply after the validity expires (5 years of registration).
  • Step 3:Get connected and make sure to remove your contact information with three humongous monitoring services namely Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax mailing database list, who sell your contact details to most of the credit card/marketing promotional agencies.
  • Step 4:Else opt-out for a permanent fix via logging into the web address to get your five-year opt-out process turned ON with the signed-in form.
  • Step 5:And also for how to stop direct mail advertising, Get in touch with the banks, stores, insurance companies (agencies), most frequent flier programs, credit card outsourcing agents (direct affiliates), ISP, and mobile networking firms and internet shopping (e-commerce) websites to remove your mailing details from all of their promotional subscriptions or else the product offers once and for all.
  • Step 6:Just keep an upright hold of all the unwanted magazine listings and reach out to them to remove your mailing address from their enlisted database via categorizing yourself under their infrequent mailing cycle.
  • Step 7:The last and final step of how to stop direct mail advertising manual to stop receiving direct mail advertising is by filling in the form 1500, which eventually refrains yourself from getting all sorts of the offensive mails to your dedicated personal mailbox.
  • Step 8:Else you can log in to the USPS website and submit the request form detailing the mail sender from whom you receive such malicious content rather.

Some of the best-rated physical forms of Direct Mail Advertising blockades are listed below.

  • Step 1:Don’t fill any contest application forms in any of the website's landing pages or else through a physical medium.
  • Step 2:Fill out your temporary address rather than providing your permanent locality details to the U.S. Postal Services which will certainly restrict sharing your mailing address to the pertinent promotional marketing service agencies, but still you will receive mails for ten months.
  • Step 3:While filling out any application forms, do write “please do not sell my name or address” at the top of the page to refrain yourself from bulk promotional emails.
  • Step 4:Last but not least, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding the promotional mails.

Henceforth, by either of the above-mentioned how to stop direct mail advertising methods, you can avoid receiving direct-mail advertising mails to your dedicated mailbox.

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