How To Stop Junk Mail In Hotmail?

Say Goodbye to the junk mails on your Hotmail now. Spam emails are always annoying especially when you are working on something important with your emails. Though it is tough to stop junk emails completely, you can wipe out some of them. If you have configured your Hotmail account in Microsoft’s webmail service, follow the below-mentioned how to stop junk mail in Hotmail steps to stop receiving junk emails. 

  • Step 1: You have to mark the unwanted spam mails as junk on your Hotmail account.
  • Step 2: To do so, open the default browser on your computer and navigate to the Outlook website.
  • Step 3: Enter your email address and password in the required fields and click the Sign in button to access your Hotmail account.
  • Step 4: In the email preview window, select the email you wish to mark as junk and tick the checkbox available at the top-left corner of the email message.
  • Step 5: Go to the left-side panel and select the Junk folder.
  • Step 6: This will move the selected email to the Junk folder.
  • Step 7: While following how to stop junk mail in Hotmail steps on the Outlook page, give a double-click or right-click on the Junk folder.
  • Step 8: Select the Empty folder option from the drop-down list.
  • Step 9: If prompted to confirm the selected items to delete permanently, click the OK button.
  • Step 10: To change the Block settings, click the Settings icon on the Outlook page.
  • Step 11: Click the Options button from the drop-down list.
  • Step 12: Next, go to the left-side panel and click the Junk email tab.
  • Step 13: Select the Filters and reporting sub-menu.
  • Step 14: On the Filters and reporting screen, click the Exclusive radio button underneath Choose a junk email filter.
  • Step 15: Click the Save button to save the configured settings.
  • Step 16: Atlast on using how to stop junk mail in Hotmail manual, the selected email on your Hotmail has been marked as junk mail, and hereafter, you will not receive any emails from the blocked email address.
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