When sending a follow-up email, it is good to wait for a couple of days before sending it. Mostly, a reader opens and responds to emails on the same day of email reception. Make sure that you increase the number of days between each consecutive follow-up email. Here are the how to write a follow up email guidelines to send a follow-up email.

  • Step 1:Write a proper context for the email. You could try something like, ‘I wanted to follow up on the email that I had sent earlier, and check whether you are interested in XYZ.’
  • Step 2:Include a line that says something about how they would benefit from replying to the email.
  • Step 3:A follow-up email without a call-to-action defeats the purpose of the email. Write something along the lines of ‘Reply yes if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity/service?’ according to the email’s subject.
  • Step 4:Following the how to write a follow up email instructions, End the email with a message like ‘Contact me for more details on the opportunity/service.’
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