Hubspot Email Integration Not Working - [SOLVED]

By integrating emails with the HubSpot CRM software, you can get more features that support your businesses such as Email scheduling, Email tracking & notifications, and Email templates. In case the HubSpot email integration not working, check whether you have properly added the email with the right server settings. Make sure not to integrate a POP account because it downloads the emails and removes them from the server, unlike IMAP that synchronizes mails across all the devices by keeping a copy of mails in the server. To further troubleshoot the HubSpot email integration issues, go through the scenarios given below.

Email not showing in the Sent folder of your HubSpot CRM:

Once you have successfully added your IMAP account in the HubSpot CRM, your emails might get stuck at some point and may not appear in the Sent folder. If your Inbox supports special-use mailbox flags such as draft messages or sent messages, your email messages will be copied in the HubSpot’s sent attribute. Otherwise, the messages will be copied to the first folder named Sent in the label.

Gmail Revokes Email Integration From Hubspot:

  • Step 1:If you have recently changed your Gmail account password, it may also cause email integration issues on HubSpot. You have to integrate your email with the right password to continue working in the HubSpot CRM.
  • Step 2:Sometimes, web-mail services like Gmail revokes access to the HubSpot app. In such cases, check your Google Security Center or enable the HubSpot app by logging in to your Google Admin Console.
  • Step 3:If the problem persists, access the HubSpot integration settings and check the email address, password, and other server settings.

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