iCloud Mail Drop Not Working - [Solved]

Some users facing iCloud mail drop not working issue. Mail Drop is one of those features that can be put to good use in our day to day life. Mail Drop will be useful for you to send large files like videos, presentations and images, and other files through iCloud. If you have sent files through Mail Drop that is not valid anymore, you will have exceeded one or more restrictions of the Mail Drop service. With the help of Mail Drop, you will be able to send file attachments of up to 5 GB in size. You can easily send the attachments from Mail on to your Mac or from the Mail app on your other iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod. All the file formats are supported by Mail Drop. 

Attachments might not be sent via Mail Drop if they exceed the following limits:

  • Step 1 :The messagesor attachments are exceeding 5 GB.
  • Step 2 :Too many recipients or the number of messages hasbeen exceeded.
  • Step 3 :You have crossed the 1 TB Mail Drop storage limit. Attachments will expire after 30 days and you can send new attachments once the old ones are expired.

In order to fix iCloud mail drop not working issue, follow the steps as follows.

  • Step 1 :Compress the file thatyou are sending through Mail Drop, only if the file is exceeding the 5 GB limit.
  • Step 2 :If you find the Mail Drop storage to be full, all you can do is wait for 30 days before sending them again.

Check for OS updates if Mail Drop fails:

  • Step 1 :Click the Apple logo or icon on the top left corner of the Mac screen.
  • Step 2 :Click the System Preferences
  • Step 3 :Click the Software Update icon in the list.
  • Step 4 :If the Mac OS finds any valid update, you will see the option Update Now .
  • Step 5 :Click or select the Update Now  button and wait for the Mac OS to download and install the software.

Now, the iCloud Mail Drop not working issue should be fixed.

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