iCloud Mail Not Syncing - [SOLVED]

If your iCloud mail not syncing, you can't find your device contacts or calendar events. If you are facing this issue, consider the procedure given below to fix it.

Update Your OS

  • Step 1 : First, verify whether you are running the latest version of the macOS or iOS on your If not, update your operating system.
  • Step 2 : Check whether you could access your iCloud account from your browser. If you are not able to access your account, enter the valid login credentials.
  • Step 3 : If you have forgotten the account's password, you can reset it.
  • Step 4 : If the issue persists, go to Apple's System page to check whether the iCloud services are working correctly.
  • Step 5 : Restart your device and again log in to your iCloud account. 
  • Step 6 : Check whether the iCloud mail not syncing issue is resolved.

Checking Whether Your Account Is Logged in 

  • Step 1:Make sure that you are logged in to iCloud using the same Apple ID on all your devices.
  • Step 2: Go to the official iCloud website. 
  • Step 3: Now, log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password.
  • Step 4: Select iCloud Settingsand check your storage space status. If your storage is full, make some space to fix the email syncing issue.
  • Step 5: Navigate toMy Devices and check whether the devices you want to sync are included in the list.
  • Step 6: Now, restart your device and verify whether the issue is resolved.

Checking Date And Time

  • Step 1 : Verify all the devices that you want to sync. 
  • Step 2 : Make sure that you have set the date and time correctly. Set the date and time settings automatically.
  • Step 3 : Open the Settings  Select the Apple ID and choose iCloud. 
  • Step 4 : Go to the iCloud Drive and click on the toggle switch button to turn it on.
  • Step 5 : Open the System Preferences window and select 
  • Step 6 : Make sure that all the iCloud services you want to sync are selected.

Now, restart all your devices to fix the iCloud mail not syncing issue.

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