iPhone Mail Folders Missing - [SOLVED]

The Mail application is the built-in email client app on all iPhones. All your email messages are organized and listed in the mailboxes of the Mail app. You can create multiple folders to easily access your emails. By default, the Inbox folder appears when you open the Mail application. But, if you find that some of the iPhone mail folders missing, you can make use of the steps given below to bring back those folders.

  • Step 1:Unlock your iPhone and touch the Mail icon.
  • Step 2:When the Mail app opens, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Step 3:Select the Accounts section. You can find it below the Inbox folder.
  • Step 4:Now, enter the name of the folder that is missing.
  • Step 5:You can now select the folder you want to view on the front screen. 
  • Step 6:Now, the hidden folder can be seen under the Inbox folder.
  • Step 7:If you want to move the folder, you can select and slide it.
  • Step 8:If you can’t view any sub-folders on your Mail application, then the IMAP path set on your iPhone must be incorrect.
  • Step 9:To fix this issue, swipe up and touch on the Settings icon.
  • Step 10:Select the Mail tab and go to Accounts.
  • Step 11:Now, choose your email account in which you are facing the iPhone mail folders missing issue.
  • Step 12:Select Account and navigate to the Advanced section.
  • Step 13:Scroll down to find the option IMAP Path Prefix.
  • Step 14:Enter INBOX in the box or leave it as blank.
  • Step 15:Make sure to save all the changes you have made to apply them.
  • Step 16:Now, open the Mail application and check whether you are able to access all the sub-folders.
  • Step 17:If it is still hidden or missing, you have to remove and re-add your email account.
  • Step 18:Open Settings and go to the Mail section.
  • Step 19:Select your email account and touch Sign Out.
  • Step 20:Now after fixing iPhone mail folders missing problem, you can re-add your email account by entering the login credentials to view all the folders.
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