Mac Mail Add HTML Signature

Having an email signature always helps to improve the outlook of your emails. In the Mac Mail app, you have the option of adding personalized signatures for each email account configured in it for Mac mail add HTML signature. You can also create an HTML email signature of your choice and add it to Mac Mail.

Before you begin the process, create the HTML signature with the help of someone who is an expert in it. While creating the signature, ask him/her to provide you with the HTML file .txt format. Now let's see the procedure for Mac mail add HTML signature on your Mail account.

  • Step 1:Launch the Mail app on your Mac computer.
  • Step 2:Click the Mail tab, select the Preferences option followed by Signatures
  • Step 3:Choose the email account to which you wish to add the HTML signature. 
  • Step 4:After selecting the account, click the + sign.
  • Step 5:Now, enter a name for your signature in the available field.
  • Step 6:Once you have done it, go to the Composing menu and select the Rich Text option. 
  • Step 7:Now, click the Viewing menu and select the Load remote content in messages option by clicking the checkbox beside it.
  • Step 8:Exit the Mail application.
  • Step 9:Now, go to the Finder menu, select the Home menu, and press the Alt button. 
  • Step 10:The menu item Library will be listed below the Home menu.
  • Step 11:Click the Library option and select the sequence of folders as follows: Mail > MailData > Signatures.
  • Step 12:Now, look for the file named .mailsignature and open it for Mac mail add HTML signature to your mail account.
  • Step 13:If the file doesn’t open, right-click on it and select the Open in TextEditor option.
  • Step 14:Now, your signature code will be displayed in the HTML format.
  • Step 15:Select and delete the text starting for < body in the file.
  • Step 16:Now, copy your HTML signature file and paste it in the .mailsignature file. Make sure you copy the contents from the < body > tag to < /body > tag in your HTML signature file.
  • Step 17:Click the small arrow button beside the file name.
  • Step 18:Enable Locked by clicking the checkbox beside it.
  • Step 19:Now, exit from the Finder menu.
  • Step 20:Open Mail and compose a new email message.
  • Step 21:Click the Signature tab. Now, your Mac mail add HTML signature at the end of the composed email message.
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