Mac Mail Offline

If you are using a Mac computer, then you might have encountered the Mac Mail offline issue frequently.

  • Step 1:This issue might occur due to a faulty mail server or a fault on your Mac computer itself.
  • Step 2:Usually, mail servers act as a digital post office that lets you send and receive email messages. IMAP and POP are the incoming mail servers, and SMTP is the outgoing mail server.
  • Step 3:To fix the Mac Mail offline issue, follow the instructions given below.
  • Step 4:First, make sure that your Mac computer is connected to a network.
  • Step 5:If not, connect it, and then check if the Mac Mail Offline issue is resolved.
  • Step 6:If you see a warning icon next to your account name, then launch Connection Doctor on your Mac computer.
  • Step 7:Click the Window option on the Mail application screen.
  • Step 8:Click the Connection Doctor option.
  • Step 9:In the Connection Doctor window, you can find the status of your network connection.
  • Step 10:If the network status is Connected , then the mail server or your Mail account is causing the problem.
  • Step 11:Click the Details command line to know more information about the cause of this error and solutions.
  • Step 12:After performing the troubleshooting instructions prompted on the screen, check if the Mac mail offline issue has been resolved.
  • Step 13:If not, follow the instructions displayed on the screen to fix this issue.
  • Step 14:Launch the Mail application on your Mac computer.
  • Step 15:Click the Mailboxes option.
  • Step 16:Select the Take All Accounts Online or Mailbox option followed by Online Status.
  • Step 17:Now, the list of accounts configured on the Mail application will appear on the screen.
  • Step 18:Select the Mail account in which you face the Mail Offline issue.
  • Step 19:Following that, click the Online button.
  • Step 20:Now, close the Mail application and restart it.
  • Step 21:Check if the Mac Mail application offline issue is resolved.
  • Step 22:If not, contact us for more assistance in solving the Mac mail offline issue.
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