Mac Mail Signature Not Showing - [SOLVED]

Adding signatures to your email messages gives out a professional look to your email message. Almost all the email clients and email services have the email signature feature. Here we will be dealing with an issue in Mac Mail where your email signature will not be listed. While you compose a new email on your Mac Mail application, you will have only the “None” or “Edit Signature” option when you try to add your email signature. Usually, this Mac mail signature not showing issue occurs after updating the OS.

You can make use of the steps that are given below to fix this issue of “Mac Mail signature not showing up.”

  • Step 1:On your Mac computer, if you have already launched the Mail app, then click the Mail menu at the top and then click the Preferences option.
  • Step 2:When you see the Preferences window on the screen, click on the Signatures tab.
  • Step 3:You will see three window panels. The one on the left will list all your email accounts configured on the Mail app.
  • Step 4:The middle panel will list the name of your email signatures and the panel on the right will display the preview of your email signature.
  • Step 5:Click the All Signatures option on the left panel. Now, you could see all your email signatures in the middle panel.
  • Step 6:Now, click on your email account in the left panel and check whether your Mac mail signature is listed in the middle panel. If you are dealing with the issue of email signature not showing, then you won’t see your email signature listed in the middle panel. The reason is, you have your email signature, but it is not linked to your email account.
  • Step 7:Click and drag the email signature from the middle panel and drop it on your email account in the left panel.
  • Step 8:Now, go to the Choose Signature drop-down at the bottom to choose the default email signature for your email account.
  • Step 9:The email signature should be fixed now and you should see your email signature in the compose window while you compose a new email message.
  • Step 10:Still, if you are facing Mac mail signature not showing issues, click the Call button to get remote assistance from our technical experts.
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