Mail SMTP Relay Settings - [Quick Steps]

Mail relay is the process in which your emails are relayed from your SMTP server to the receiver’s server so that the email can be delivered. There are many third-party programs that can help you for mail SMTP relay settings.

How To Setup Email Relay?

The step-wise instructions to set up an email relay are given below. Follow them and set up your mail SMTP relay.

  • Step 1: Go to Setup and type Email Relays in the Quick Find box. Choose Email Relays.
  • Step 2: Click on Create Email Relay.
  • Step 3: Try to configure the below mail SMTP relay settings:
    • Step 1:Host: The IP address or host name of your company’s SMTP server. Use the following format for host names: < mail server > . < domain > . < domain extension >
    • Step 2:Port: The company’s SMTP port number. Usually, port numbers such as 25, 587, 10025, and 11025 are supported for email relaying.
    • Step 3:TLS setting: This one indicates whether the mail server uses TLS for SMTP sessions.
    • Step 4:Enable SMTP Auth: With the help of SMTP authentication provided along with the username and password, enable email relaying to the configured Host. If chosen, the TLS setting should be set to Required Verify. SMTP authentication for email relay is not supported by some email services.
    • Step 5:Username: Indicates the username for relay host SMTP authentication. This field is important when the SMTP Auth is chosen.
    • Step 6:Password: This is the password required for relay host SMTP authentication. This field is important when SMTP Auth is enabled.
    • Step 7:Confirm password: Repeat the password again for confirmation. This password is for relay host SMTP authentication. If the SMTP Auth is enabled, then this field is important.
  • Step 4: After making the required changes to the settings, save the page.
  • Step 5: Finally, set up an email domain filter to make email relay to work. Then send a test message to check if the email relay configuration is properly set.

After performing the above steps, the mail relay settings will be set up. If there is an issue in configuring the mail SMTP relay settings, call our technical team and resolve the problem.

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