Mailbird Sort By Sender - [Quick Steps]

Mailbird is one of the famous email clients with many features that ensure risk-free emailing. It does not support any advanced email sorting features. However, Mailbird can Sort by Sender and Sort by Unread. You can sort by a sender in Mailbird by searching the emails from a certain user. For detailed Mailbird sort by sender instructions, go through these steps.

  • Step 1: On your computer, launch Mailbird by double-clicking its shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Step 2: Select your email account and click the Inbox tab to do Mailbird sort by sender.
  • Step 3: Click on the profile image of the sender whose emails you want to sort by. Doing so will bring up all the emails you had with the recipient.

Using Advanced Search UI:

Mailbird features an Advanced Search UI with several filters to help you identify what you need. Using the Advanced Search UI, you can search by:

  • Step 1: Sender or recipient: This allows you to specify the From or To email address for email search. You can also search for more email addresses at a time.
  • Step 2: Folder: When you use the unified inbox, a list of email addresses you have across the email folders will be sorted.
  • Step 3: Subject or anywhere in the messages: You can type a keyword in the Has words field to search for it in the subject, body of the message, sender, or receiver.
  • Step 4: By size: Specify the size limit of the email in MB to filter the messages.
  • Step 5: By date: You can sort emails that have been received or sent over a certain period.
  • Step 6: Attachments: Filter all messages with attachments. If necessary, you can also specify the attachment using the Attachment Search feature to perform reverse email lookup.

On your Mailbird app, you can sort by the sender using the Advanced Search UI. Click the filter icon next to the search field and specify the name in the From or To field. Alternatively, you can enter a keyword or subject in the Has words field of the Advanced Search UI. Once you enter the required details for the search, click the blue Search button.

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