Why Does The Outlook Mail Not Working On Mac?

If the Outlook mail not working on Mac computer, then perform the troubleshooting steps mentioned here.

Check internet connectivity:

  • Step 1: If you couldn’t access your email account on your Mac computer, immediately check whether you are connected to the internet.
  • Step 2: Make sure that the connection between your Mac and your router is secure.
  • Step 3: Open a browser and access any website to make sure that you could access the internet.

Disable Work Offline:

  • Step 1: If the Work Offline option is enabled, then your Outlook mail might not work sometimes.
  • Step 2: To disable the menu, launch the Outlook email client on your Mac computer first.
  • Step 3: Now, click the Outlook menu at the top.
  • Step 4: Look for the Work Offline option and click to disable it.
  • Step 5: Close the Outlook app, relaunch it, and check whether issue Outlook mail not working on Mac is fixed.

Check the account settings:

  • Step 1: On your Mac computer, open the Outlook application and click the File menu on the top.
  • Step 2: Select the Account Settings option from the list.
  • Step 3: Select the Email account.
  • Step 4: Now the Change Account dialog box will open.
  • Step 5: Check if the correct username and password has been entered in the Logon information section.
  • Step 6: Most importantly, check if you have entered the proper Incoming server and Outgoing server information.
  • Step 7: Click the checkbox beside Require Login Using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)  option and deselect it.
  • Step 8: Now, click the Test Account settings option to see if the problem has been resolved.
  • Step 9: If you still encounter the issue, click the More Settings  button at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 10: The Internet Email settings window will open.
  • Step 11: Click the Outgoing server tab and check whether the checkbox near My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option is enabled.
  • Step 12: Click the OK button.
  • Step 13: Now go back to the test page section and click the Test Account settings  option to see if the issue has been fixed.
  • Step 14: Click the Advanced tab and check if the port numbers for the Incoming server and Outgoing server are correct.
  • Step 15: Make sure to move the slider to Short for the Server Timeout section.
  • Step 16: Click the OK button. And the issue Outlook mail not working on Mac is fixed.
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