Are you having trouble receiving Outlook emails on your phone?.If yes, you’re not alone. This problem is faced by many people like you.However, you can resolve the “Outlook not receiving emails on the phone” problem easily and quickly. Continue reading this page to know how to fix it in detail


Some causes of this problem are listed below:

  • Step 1:No or unstable internet connection.
  • Step 2:A corrupted email account.
  • Step 3:The account’s Inbox folder is running out of storage.
  • Step 4:The emails are redirected to the Junk folder.
  • Step 5:Misconfigured Inbox filter and sort settings.
  • Step 6:The account is blocked or marked as Spam.


Try the troubleshooting methods one-by-one given below. After performing each method, ask your recipient to resend you an email message or try to send yourself a test email message. This is needed to check whether Outlook is able to receive a new message.

Fix network issue

  • Step 1:In most cases, the no or unstable internet connection will be the main reason behind these kinds of problems.
  • Step 2:So, as the first step of troubleshooting, check whether your phone is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Step 3:To verify it, try to access a web browser on your phone. If the requested page opens successfully, it means the internet connection is stable and active. Otherwise, connect your phone to another network.
  • Step 4Switch to Wi-Fi if you’re using your mobile data.

Check the Junk Email folder

  • Step 1:Some misconfigured email settings can redirect the incoming emails directly to the Junk folder.
  • Step 2:So secondly, look for the missing email in the Junk folder.
  • Step 3:If you find your email, right-click on it and select the “Mark as not junk” option to move it to the Inbox folder.

Make enough free space

  • Step 1:You may also face these kinds of problems if Outlook’s Inbox folder is full or doesn’t have enough free space to store a new message.
  • Step 2:Empty the Trash or Junk folder to make enough space for the new message. To do so:
  • Step 3:Open the Junk folder.
  • Step 4:Select and right-click on the email stored in the Junk folder.
  • Step 5:Click the Empty folder option.
  • Step 6:Use the Sweep option to move the unwanted emails from the Inbox folder to Archive.

Unblock the email address

  • Step 1:If an email address is marked as spam or blocked, all the emails from that particular account will be sent directly to the Junk or Spam folder.
  • Step 2:To check and remove the email address from the Blocked list, follow the instructions below:
  • Step 3:Open the Settings screen on the Outlook application.
  • Step 4:Click View all Outlook Settings > Mail > Junk email.
  • Step 5:Locate the email address you want to unblock or remove from the Blocked list. You can find it under the Blocked senders’ section.
  • Step 6:Select the email address.
  • Step 7:Click Remove > Save.

Try after a while

  • Step 1:If the Outlook server is down, wait for it to be fixed from the service provider's side.
  • Step 2:Once the issue is fixed, refresh the Inbox folder.

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