Protonmail App For Android

ProtonMail is a secure email service with built-in end-to-end encryption. Most of the email services are provided for free. Still, people's expectations have always been high, so companies are trying their best to protect the user data from hackers. Unfortunately, data breaches have become common these days and billions of users are getting affected. By knowing the security features provided by ProtonMail, we will see in-depth about the ProtonMail app for Android.

Protonmail App Installation Process:

  • Step 1:Unlock your Android smartphone and turn ON the Internet connection.
  • Step 2:Open Google Play Store and search for ProtonMail in the search bar.
  • Step 3:Locate the application and tap to Install.
  • Step 4:Cross-check all the permissions that are required while installing the ProtonMail app.
  • Step 5:Allow the installation process to complete.
  • Step 6:The app doesn’t log out even when you close the app on your mobile. Re-open the app and you won’t even have to re-enter the decryption password. This creates a smooth user experience.
  • Step 7:However, if you need to log out from your ProtonMail account, you can sign out from the app.
  • Step 8:A free ProtonMail account offers 500MB of storage for one email address. From this, you will be able to send or receive 150 messages a day and can use up to 3 folders and labels.
  • Step 9:A paid account offers 5GB of storage, 5 addresses, 200 folders, and labels, along with 1,000 messages per day.

Now You have successfully downloaded and installed protonmail app for android.

After Installation:

  • Step 1:Getting a ProtonMail account is simple. Just go to the ProtonMail signup page, enter a username, and add a password along with a decryption password and a recovery email address.
  • Step 2:Make sure you don’t keep the same password for login and decryption and then click Create Account.
  • Step 3:Now, ProtonMail will send the reCaptcha or a confirmation email to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Step 4:You can use the login credentials to log in to your ProtonMail Android app.
  • Step 5:Suppose you send a mail from your ProtonMail account to another ProtonMail account. In that case, ProtonMail automatically encrypts the email and so the recipient need not want to enter the decryption key to read the email.
  • Step 6:If you send the email from your ProtonMail account to a third-party account, you will have to encrypt the email manually.
  • Step 7:When the user receives the encrypted email, when they click to view a secure message, it will direct them to the official ProtonMail website.
  • Step 8:They need to enter the encryption password to open and read the email.

Some Main Features Of Protonmail App For Android:

  • Step 1:The ProtonMail interface features a modern inbox design regardless of the platform and is optimized for user’s productivity. 
  • Step 2:You will see the folders such as inbox, drafts, sent, starred, archive, spam, trash, and all mails. 
  • Step 3:Changes made on one platform are affected across all platforms, including the web, iOS, and Android. 
  • Step 4:ProtonMail includes the ability to set an optional expiration time on emails, where you can automatically use the feature to delete emails from a recipient's inbox.
  • Step 5:ProtonMail is a unique application that focuses mainly on end user’s data protection and every user should take advantage of it to protect their data from data breach attacks.

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