How To Solve Protonmail Notifications Not Working?

If you’re unaware of a new message that was received on your ProtonMail account or protonmail notifications not working, then this page will help you to resolve the problem and get your e-mail notifications instantly.

Usually, ProtonMail offers three different notifications. They are Email notification, Desktop notification, and Mobile app push notification. These three notifications are used for different purposes.

Email notification: This feature allows you to get notifications on another e-mail address. You can add an e-mail address to your ProtonMail account and whenever a new message is sent to your account, a link will be sent to the added e-mail address, letting you know about the new message.

Desktop notification:  If you’re using your ProtonMail account on a browser, then you can use this notification option. To use this notification, you need to enable it on your ProtonMail account’s settings page. Whenever a new e-mail message is received on your account, a pop-up notification will be displayed at the bottom corner of the browser.

Mobile app push notification: Install the ProtonMail app on your mobile phone. Open the app and configure your account on it. Once the configuration is done, you’ll start receiving notifications whenever new messages are received on your account.

Now, if the ProtonMail notifications not working either on your desktop or mobile phone, then scroll down this page to know how to fix the issue.

On Android

If the ProtonMail notification is not working on your Android phone, then carry out the simple troubleshooting solutions given below to resolve it.


Enable Google Services: Basically, on Android devices, Google Play is used to implement push notifications for most of the applications. So, as soon as you encounter this issue, check whether Google Services are enabled on your Android phone. If not, enable them.


Enable Background sync: Similarly, you need to make sure that the Background sync option is enabled. To confirm it, open the Application settings screen. If the Background sync option is disabled, enable it.


Disable Snooze: The ProtonMail notification will not work if you have enabled the Snooze option on your ProtonMail account. Launch the ProtonMail app. Go to the Settings section followed by Snooze. If the Snooze option is enabled, disable it and then check whether the issue where ProtonMail notification was not working has been resolved. If not, perform the next method.


Enable notifications: Check if the Notifications option is enabled for the ProtonMail app on your Android device. If not, open the Settings screen on your Android phone. Tap on the Apps option followed by ProtonMail. Check if the Allow notifications option is enabled. If not, enable it by tapping the toggle button beside it.


Restart Android & sign into your account: If the ProtonMail notifications not working after trying the above steps, then restart your Android phone. If the restart process doesn’t resolve the issue, then sign into your ProtonMail account in the ProtonMail Mobile app.

For iOS

Enable push notification: If the push notification option is disabled on your iOS device, then there is a chance for this issue to occur. To enable it on your iOS device, open Settings, Select the ProtonMail app, and then tap on the Allow Notifications option if it is not selected.


Restart iOS: Restart your iOS device and then check if the ProtonMail notification is working. If not, perform the next method.


Resign: Log out from your ProtonMail account in the mobile app and sign in after a while.


Reinstall: If the ProtonMail notification is not working even after restarting your iOS device, then reinstall the ProtonMail mobile app.


If still the ProtonMail notifications not working, then contact us to get remote assistance in resolving it.

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