How To Recall Email In Em Client? - Quick Guide

The emailing platform is flooded with multiple email services and email clients that ensure faster communication. MS Outlook is one of the standard email application which comes with Microsoft Office suite. If you’re not happy with the performance and thinking of a change while recall email in eM Client, then the next best alternative is eM Client. PST (Personal Storage Table) files are used by Outlook to store data. The PST file enables you to store a copy of your emails and more. If you’re surfing for a solution to import PST files from Outlook to eM Client, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to discuss the simple procedure to import PST files into eM Client. Before importing the PST file, you should have created one.

Most of us would have encountered this problem at some time or the other:

You have sent that important email message to the wrong recipient. Or, you forgot to attach that crucial file to your email. So, you want to retrieve that email right now. In a worst-case scenario, you would have sent an angry email to your senior and realize a few minutes later that you should not have sent it!

On this page, let’s see if there is an option to recall emails in eM Client.

In many of the email clients we use, there will be some feature for recalling emails that you wish you hadn’t sent. In most cases, you will be out of luck if you have already hit the Send button. Here, the chances of retrieving that sent email are slim. Some popular email clients have special features that will allow you to pause the sending process. This will give you a few seconds to recall that accidentally-sent email message. A few other platforms even permit you to steal that email back, as long as it has not been read by your recipient!

But in certain other email clients, you are left with no option. This holds true in one of the most popular email clients-eM Client. You cannot recall email in eM Client. It will send all your email messages as soon as you hit the Send button. However, you can set a delayed send for your emails. Some ways to use this feature are given below:

  • Step 1: You can disable the Send immediately option in Settings.
  • Step 2: Make use of the Rules feature to specify that you want all your emails to remain in your Outbox for 3 or 4 minutes (based on your preferences) before they are sent to the recipient.

There is yet another method to substitute the missing feature to recall emails in eM Client. And that is, utilizing a delayed send in eM Client by using the following method:

  • Step 1: Instead of clicking on the Send button, you have to click the down arrow on it. Now, you can specify when you wish to send the email.
  • Step 2: The default is set to one hour. But, you can adjust/change the date and time according to your requirements.

You have now seen some techniques that you can use to replace the feature to recall email in eM Client.

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