How To Recover GMX Account? - [Quick Steps]

GMX Mail is a free email service in which recovering a forgotten email address is very simple. GMX helps you to recover GMX account account if you have a secondary email address. To know how to recover a GMX account if you have forgotten the password, keep reading the instructions provided below.


Recover GMX Account

Recover Forgotten GMX Mail Email Password:

  • Step 1 : On your computer, launch the default browser after ensuring that you have a standard Internet connection.
  • Step 2 : Navigate to the GMX Mail Password Recovery Assistant page and enter your GMX email address under the GMX email address tab.
  • Step 3 : Enter the random characters shown underneath Verification. 
  • Step 4 : Click Continue to choose the recovery options. If you have an answer for a security question, click Continue under the Via security question section. Enter the correct answer to your security question.
  • Step 5 : Once you have answered the security question, click the Submit button.
  • Step 6 : If you have already configured a secondary email address in GMX Mail, click Continue under the Via contact email address section.
  • Step 7 : Next, click on the Requested password link from GMX Mail in your secondary email account to recover GMX account.
  • Step 8 : Once you are directed to the password reset page, enter your GMX Mail email address in the Email Address field and click Continue.
  • Step 8 : Type a new password for your GMX email address in the Enter a new password and Re-enter the new password fields.
  • Step 8 : After confirming the password, click the Save New Password button. You have now learned how to recover the GMX account when you have forgotten the password.

Recover Forgotten GMX Mail Email Address:

  • Step 1 : If you have forgotten your GMX Mail email address, you can recover it from your default browser.
  • Step 2 : If you are using Safari, open it on your Mac and then click the Safari menu at the top.
  • Step 3 : Choose Preferences from the drop-down menu and click the Passwords tab.
  • Step 4 : From the list of passwords, select the Show passwords for selected websites checkbox.
  • Step 5 : If prompted, enter your Mac administrator password and confirm it by clicking OK.
  • Step 6 : You can now view your GMX Mail email address.

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