There has been a notable change with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Both these versions from Apple allow users to change their default web browser and email clients.

For many years, Apple had not permitted setting up third-party email clients on its iOS devices. So, this facility to configure a third-party email client has come as a boon to many users.

On this page, we shall see how to set Airmail as default email client iOS.

Airmail has been a very powerful email client for Mac and it is now also available for iPhones and iPads. Some of the unique features of Airmail are listed here:

  • Step 1:It has been specially designed for the latest generation iOS.
  • Step 2:It supports fast document previewing and high-quality PDF creation.
  • Step 3:It also offers native integration with many other apps.
  • Step 4:It supports 3D Touch.
  • Step 5:It even features interactive push notifications.
  • Step 6:It provides the user with full inbox sync.

NOTE: The option for changing the default email client would need updates from third-party developers. Even though most of the third-party email clients support this feature, some bugs with iOS can still be found.

Now, follow these steps to set Airmail as default email client iOS (for version 14):

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