Setting Up Aol Email In Outlook

AOL mail is a free web-based email program provided by AOL (A part of Verizon Communications). 


You can use the third-party email applications like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., to have a download or a copy of your AOL mail. This is in case you prefer a different interface. There are two different protocols to choose from when it comes to setting up AOL mail in a third-party application (POP or IMAP). If you wish to set up AOL Mail in Outlook, this is the article right for you.


If your professional life needs you to travel a lot, the best way is to connect your AOL account. So, you can keep and manage your professional and personal emails and have them organized properly. The process to add the AOL account using SMTP settings takes less of your time.


Before we proceed with the AOL mail SMTP server settings for Outlook, you need to know the AOL mail Incoming and Outgoing server information.


Here’s the information you should know to configure AOL Mail for Outlook.

  • Step 1: Username: The AOL email address
  • Step 2: Password: The AOL email password

Incoming mail server (IMAP)

  • Step 1:Server name:
  • Step 2:Port number: 993
  • Step 3:Encryption: SSL

Outgoing mail server (SMTP)

  • Step 1:Server name:
  • Step 2:Port number: 465 (SSL), 587 (TLS)
  • Step 3:Authentication required.

Now, you can add the AOL account to Outlook 2013 in simple steps. Here we go.

  • Step 1:Open the Outlook 2013 application.
  • Step 2:Click the File menu.
  • Step 3:Select the Add account option.
  • Step 4:Select Manual Setup and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Step 5:Click the radio button for the POP or IMAP option.
  • Step 6:Under Choose Service, click the Next button.
  • Step 7:Enter the details for User Information, Server Information, and Logon Information (Information provided above).
  • Step 8:Click the More Settings… button.
  • Step 9:Click the Outgoing Server tab.
  • Step 10:Select the checkbox for the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option.
  • Step 11:Click the OK button.
  • Step 12:Select Advanced and enter the port number information (This is based on the encryption method: SSL or TLS).
  • Step 13:Click OK and wait for Outlook 2013 to check the AOL Mail account configuration.
  • Step 14:Once the account verification is complete, click Finish.

Follow the steps in the same manner as provided. If you have further queries to be answered, click the CALL button for technical assistance.

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