Setting Up Windows 10 With Xplornet Email

With various benefits like a user-friendly interface, data memory, and anti-spam software, Xplornet email has it all. The convenient webmail portal helps you access general and custom webmail at any given time. Be it for professional or personal use, Xplornet offers an all-in-one package including the calendar, cloud storage, address book, and customizable preferences.Here, we are going to discuss the simple steps in setting up Windows 10 with Xplornet email

Before you start with the actual configuration, you need to know the Xplornet email settings in case you want to go for a manual setup procedure.  


  • Step 1:Incoming mail server:
  • Step 2:Incoming port number: 993
  • Step 3:Authentication: Required SSL
Setup Up Windows 10 With Xplornet Email


  • Step 1:Outgoing mail server:
  • Step 2:Outgoing port number: 465
  • Step 3:Authentication: Required SSL
Set Up Xplornet Email On Windows 10

Steps For Setting Up Windows 10 With Xplornet Email

If you are unable to send an email message from your AOL Mail account in Outlook, then perform the following instructions to fix it.

  • Step 1:Open the Mail app on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Step 2:Click the Add Account button.
  • Step 3:In the Add Account window, click Other account (POP, IMAP).
  • Step 4:In the next window, enter the email information in the fields that are provided.
  • Step 5:Enter the Xplornet email address in the given field.
  • Step 6:Add a name so that the user can know who it’s from.
  • Step 7:Enter the valid password.
  • Step 8:Click Sign In.
Configure Windows 10 With Xplornet Email
  • Step 9:Once you see the All done! message on the screen, click Done.
  • Step 10:Select the email account and click the Gear (Settings) icon to verify the email settings.
  • Step 11:Choose the Change mailbox sync settings option.
  • Step 12:Click Advanced mailbox settings.
Add Xplornet Email On Windows 10
  • Step 13:Check your name.
  • Step 14:Check if the incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server match with the information described earlier in this article.
  • Step 15:Ensure that 993 and 465 are the port numbers for IMAP and SMTP, respectively.
  • Step 16:Click the checkboxes for the Require SSL for incoming email and Require SSL for outgoing email options.
  • Step 17:Click Done.
  • Step 18:Lastly, enter the password. 
  • Step 19:Click Save.
Configure Xplornet Email With Windows 10

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