Windows Live Mail Cannot Open New Message

Windows Live Mail is an older email application, but people are still using it as they prefer the default Mail application of the Windows system instead of third-party email services. When you open the Windows Live Mail app and try to compose a new message, the new message window may not open, and an error might be displayed. Various reasons such as corrupted installation files, incorrect system files, or malware or virus can result in the occurrence of the error. Go ahead to know the solutions to fix the Windows live mail cannot open new message problem.

Repair The Mail App

  • Step 1: Search for ‘control panel’ using the search box and open the Control Panel window on the screen.
  • Step 2: Select Programs, then click the Uninstall a Program menu, and choose Windows Live Essentials.
  • Step 3: Next, choose the Uninstall/Change option.
  • Step 4: A dialog box opens up, click Repair all Windows Live programs.
  • Step 5: After repairing is done, open the Windows Live Mail app and retry to open the new message. If the Windows live mail cannot open new message problem occurs again, then continue to the next solution.

Uninstall And Reinstall The App

  • Step 1: When you uninstall the app, you are going to lose all your data, therefore back up the data and then proceed with the steps.
  • Step 2: Search for ‘Command Prompt,’ then right-click the suggested result and select Run as administrator.
  • Step 3: In the Command Prompt window, input the below command line and press Enter.
  • Step 4: For 64-bit system: “C:\program files (x86)\windows live\installer\wlarp.exe”/cleanup:all /q   
  • Step 5: For 32-bit system: “C:\program files\windows live\installer\wlarp.exe”/cleanup:all /q   
  • Step 6: Once the uninstallation is done, the completion message appears in the window.
  • Step 7: If you cannot uninstall using the commands, then download a reliable uninstaller tool to delete the Windows Live Mail application from your system.
  • Step 8: Restart the system. Download the latest version of the Windows Live Mail app and install it. Check if the Windows live mail cannot open new message issue has been resolved.
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